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Don’t be the one left out

The Luckysomm Wine Club is about wines that fit a loose criteria of exciting us, conjuring a specific mindset, new releases that we can’t wait to share, or all three of these. They are wines that need to be pushed into the spotlight, shared, and discussed at length, because of how special they are. Membership in any club comes with 10% off any future Luckysomm purchases. Join the club. Keep an open mind.

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Club Trois is a fantastic way to get acquainted with Luckysomm and its philosophy. Membership includes three everyday drinking wines each month, which vary in style depending on what we’re obsessed over.

$105 for Club Trois – You will receive three wines each month.

Club Sextet elaborates on the three bottles in Club Trois while emphasizing an additional three bottles that are a bit more thought-provoking. These three extra bottles are impressive in their flavor characteristics, their unique style, and the mood they put us in.

$295 for Club Sextet – You will receive six wines each month.

Club 12 is the ultimate expression of Luckysomm. In addition to the six bottles from Club Sextet, we pick another six bottles that could be categorized as serious wines. This could be in reference to the wines aging potential and/or limited availability.

$595 for Club 12 – You will receive 12 wines each month.